The Bureau of Meteorology says there is ‘good news’ for Sydneysiders after ‘the wettest start to the year on record’


The sun will finally shine in Sydney after the port city was hit by heavy rain for two weeks, leading to horrific flooding and destruction as well as traffic and transport chaos.

Sydneysiders will finally be able to enjoy the sunshine after the wettest start to the year on record.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Dean Narramore said Wednesday there was “good news” for the port city as the East Coast Low moved further offshore and the rain eased overnight.

There were ‘only a few’ coastal showers around the South Coast metro area, Illawarra, Hunter and Sydney.

“They should mostly clear tonight and tomorrow actually looks like a mostly sunny day for many parts of Sydney,” Mr Narramore told a flood news conference.

Mr Narramore said it was Sydney’s wettest start to the year on record, with a fall of 872 millimeters since January 1.

“This is Sydney’s wettest start so far in a year,” he said.

“It’s been a very wet couple of months and it’s not far off almost our annual, which is approaching just over the meter mark for the year.

“That’s our average and we’re almost 900 millimeters so far.”

Although the weather was mostly sunny on Thursday, Mr Narramore warned there would still be significant flooding on the Hawkesbury, Nepean and Wollombi rivers.

“As we move into Friday and into the weekend, we may see coastal showers return, but the good news is that there are no major rain events, at least in the short term and even at the start of next week,” he said.

Mr Narramore added there could also be a few isolated storms in the far northeast of New South Wales on Wednesday.

Dangerous and damaging waves will occur on coastal parts of NSW as the low continues to move away, particularly on south facing beaches.

“So anyone with beach, fishing, swimming, boating and fishing activities, unsafe conditions on south-facing waters and beaches could experience coastal erosion again today, in particularly at high tide,” Mr Narramore said.

Residents living on or near Hawkesbury-Nepean were also reminded that “the threat is not over” despite the drop in rain, as many places are experiencing flooding worse than March 2021.

“This water will continue downstream for the next few days,” Mr Narramore warned.

“Even when the sun rises tomorrow, the threat of flooding has not abated.”


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