The future meteorologist/current child of the paddling pool provides forecasts; heat tips from an adult expert


YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Here at the Red Lion Splash Pad, “Rowan’s most favorite thing is the rings.”

But she also knows Why she’s at the paddling pool.

“It’s going to be around, like, 93 for a sunny high today,” she said.

For the record, the abc27 meteorologists got even closer to Thursday’s actual high. But could they have gotten as close as Rowan when they or they were in elementary school?

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Anyway, it’s very hot. So what do you do to stay comfortable and safe, no matter what your age?

The wading pool isn’t a bad idea, said York County Emergency Management Office spokesman Ted Czech.

“Any place where kids can have fun and there’s also water involved, which has that cooling effect, I would say is a great combination,” Czech said, adding that even there , you don’t want to stay out. too long in extreme heat. Three more tips:

  • Stay calm: “If you have to be outside, make sure you come inside to an air-conditioned area so you don’t spend too much time outside at one time,” Czech said.
  • Stay hydrated: “Water is the best,” Czech said. “Soda, not so much.”
  • Stay informed: “You can follow us, Emergency Management and 911 on Facebook and Twitter. you can also follow the National Weather Service at State College.”

And keep others informed and safe, he said, especially elderly friends and family.

“Check them out often, whether in person or over the phone,” Czech said. “‘Hi how are you?’ That kind of thing. ‘Do you need anything?'”

Mostly water, he says. Dehydration is particularly at risk for the elderly.


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