The National Meteorological Center celebrates World Meteorological Day

  • Dr Abdulla Al Mandous: Anticipating climate phenomena and providing accurate data helps save our planet

Abu Dhabi-UAE: The National Meteorological Center (NCM) celebrates World Meteorological Day, which falls on March 23 every year.

World Meteorological Day is celebrated this year under the slogan “Early warning and early action”.

His Excellency Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director General of the National Meteorological Center and President of the WMO Regional Association (Asia), said: “The celebration of World Meteorological Day 2022 under the theme “Early Warning and Action rapid”, reflects the importance of keeping pace with climatic phenomena that affect social stability and security and significantly affect the vital sectors of the planet. This is an opportunity to highlight the role of meteorological institutions in improving forecasting concepts, anticipating risks related to weather phenomena, climate change and water scarcity, and providing information that helps save lives and facilitate livelihoods.

His Excellency added: “Change and development are characteristics of life. Modern technology has ushered us into a new era that transcends borders and geography, so we must take the initiative. What our national institutions have in terms of human and technical capacity, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, qualifies us to strengthen our role in raising awareness of the dangers of natural disasters, and to make optimal use of the data provided by radars and satellites, and to improve prevention, preparedness and response measures to benefit humanity.

His Excellency underlined that the National Meteorological Center is keen to establish the rules for positive and constructive cooperation based on partnership, and awareness of the evolution of natural phenomena that can threaten human societies, with all authorities concerned with the maintenance of social security.

His Excellency emphasized that the Centre, with its advanced infrastructure which includes a national radar network and a network of automatic stations monitoring all weather elements 24 hours a day, is working in cooperation with these authorities to proactively educate the UAE society on the phenomena and climatic changes. , and this infrastructure is supervised by specialized experts who are committed to sustaining it and investing it correctly.

In his message on this occasion, Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), stressed that WMO’s top priority is to protect lives and livelihoods from extreme weather, climate and water conditions. . Every minute of every day of the year. I am therefore very pleased that the theme for World Meteorological Day 2022 is “Early Warning and Early Action”.

“It celebrates the great achievements of national meteorological and hydrological services in improving early warning systems. It also highlights the vital work of the disaster risk reduction community to ensure that these early warnings lead to rapid action,” he added.

“But we cannot be complacent. We face many challenges, including ensuring that early warnings reach the last mile to the most vulnerable who need it most.

Taalas said that “climate change is already very visible through more extreme weather patterns in all regions of the world. Last year WMO published a report on disaster statistics over the past 50 years. It showed that there were more than 11,000 disasters related to weather, climate and water-related risks, almost the equivalent of one disaster per day. There have been 2 million deaths – or 115 a day. The number of disasters has quintupled over the past 50 years. And the economic cost has skyrocketed.

He concluded that “WMO’s vision is that ‘by 2030 we see a world where all nations, especially the most vulnerable, are more resilient to the socio-economic consequences of extreme weather, climate, water and other environmental events. Early warnings work. They should work for everyone. They must lead to prompt action.



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