The National Meteorological Center is hosting a webinar

  • Virtual session organized as part of the Rain Enhancement Hub webinar series hosted by the United Arab Emirates Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science

Abu Dhabi-UAE: As part of its Rain Enhancement Hub webinar series, the National Meteorological Center (NCM), through the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, hosted a session titled “Programmatic Management of Weather Modification in the Colorado River Basin”. .

Webcast on the program’s official social media channels, the virtual session hosted Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud, Director of the Climate and Water Program, Middle East Institute, the oldest Washington-based institution dedicated solely to climate change. Middle East studies, and specializes in educational and professional development policy and services, including climate and water.

The webinar discussed the severe drought conditions experienced by the Colorado River basin in the western United States of America, and the role of winter cloud seeding in improving winter snow cover. and, subsequently, from the spring snowmelt that feeds the main reservoirs of the Colorado River system. . The session also shed light on winter cloud seeding programs in the Colorado River Basin and how all of these basin states are working together to fund these activities as part of a strategy to increase cloud seeding. water.

Commenting on the webinar, His Excellency Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director of the NCM and President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Regional Association II (Asia), said, “The Rain Enhancement Hub webinar series is a ideal opportunity for leading experts and specialists to explore the latest developments and research efforts in rain enhancement research and highlight its crucial role in promoting water sustainability around the world. Such collective research efforts allow us to innovate in this vital scientific field.

“Through the exchange of ideas and experiences, NCM seeks to identify new ways to strengthen cooperation in scientific research, while developing new tools and technologies to ensure the sustainability of water resources. This supports the program’s ongoing quest to advance its current operations and develop new cloud seeding methods.

“Given the growing opportunities before us and the outstanding research results our scientists have achieved in the field, we are confident that our promising rain enhancement program will make more breakthroughs in the future. will in turn help us significantly revitalize our freshwater resources,” Al Mandous added.

Dr Mohammed Mahmoud, director of the climate and water program at the Middle East Institute, said: “The Colorado River Basin in the western United States is a snow driven system. which supplies surface water to seven states in the U.S. Basin, including Arizona, California and Colorado. , Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Mexico. The extreme drought conditions that the basin has experienced since 2000 have impacted flow generation and the availability of water supply for the growing populations and sectors of the region.

He added: “To help mitigate the effects of drought on the basin, winter cloud seeding has been implemented to improve winter snow cover and subsequently the spring snowmelt that feeds major reservoirs of the Colorado River system. Therefore, integrated and jointly funded cloud seeding programs have been developed.

For her part, Alya Al Mazroui, Director of the United Arab Emirates Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP), said, “Through the Rain Enhancement Hub webinar series, we have brought together the best global experts, specialists and researchers to discuss the latest trends, and review promising applications and programs in rain enhancement research.Such events enhance our ability to integrate cutting-edge ideas from around the world into our laureate research projects.

The ‘Rain Enhancement Hub’ webinar series is hosted by NCM as part of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science to provide the research community with an interactive virtual platform to discuss latest issues related to rain enhancement and weather modification. Attracting the participation of leading experts, scientists and researchers, these sessions include interactive presentations to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide the general public with valuable information on the crucial role of rain and weather modification in achieving global water security.



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