The National Meteorological Center welcomes the Environment Agency


Abu Dhabi-UAE: The National Meteorological Center (NCM) received His Excellency Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, Acting Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD), to attend presentations on vitally important work of the Center for the Nation and to discuss strengthening the collaboration between the Center and EAD in the future.

With a vision to achieve excellence in meteorology and seismology and to contribute to the scientific development of science in the service of the sustainable development of the UAE, NCM is the leading national source of meteorological and seismological information, a monitor of atmospheric and seismic developments, and a provider of essential weather services to all sectors.

Speaking during the visit, Dr Abdulla Ahmed Al Mandous, Director of NCM, said: “We are honored and delighted to welcome His Excellency Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri to NCM today. Our Center is proud to host the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and facilitate our close cooperation on weather and environmental issues. By stimulating international efforts to advance meteorology, seismology and water security by promoting best scientific practices and international collaboration, NCM strives to realize the vision of the UAE’s innovation strategy of to build a leading global knowledge economy in line with the laudable and ambitious goals of Abu Dhabi. Vision 2030.

During her visit to the National Meteorological Center where she learned about the latest meteorological equipment and techniques, His Excellency Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, Acting Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD ), recognized the importance that a culture of collaboration and partnership with other local entities can have in preserving the emirate’s natural resources, as well as its contribution to EAD’s own efforts to protect the environment in Abu Dhabi.

She said, “EAD’s management of our climate, environment and natural resources draws on a rich heritage of traditional knowledge and practices accumulated over many years. In order to sustain the impressive pace of our national development, it is vital that we step up our efforts to live in harmony with nature with an emphasis on innovation, as well as encouraging young people to take full part in activities. that take care of our environment, help understand our climate and protect biodiversity and natural resources.

Since its inauguration in 2007 by the President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the NCM has played a leading role in the study of local and regional climatic and environmental phenomena. The Center is responsible for collecting meteorological data, monitoring and analyzing changes in the atmosphere and providing general meteorological services for the benefit of relevant authorities in the United Arab Emirates. In terms of research, NCM exchanges information with international organizations such as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to keep abreast of new scientific research and developments in meteorology, hydrology and seismology.

NCM also oversees the UAE’s Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, which has already achieved a global leadership position in the common quest to strengthen water security through innovative research. Building on the program’s successes to date, NCM is currently conducting a series of intensive field campaigns across the UAE to deepen knowledge about precipitation processes and how new innovations can increase precipitation. These initiatives will see the testing of new cloud seeding materials, the introduction of the most advanced new aircraft, drones, balloons and radiosondes, and the inauguration of a new state-of-the-art “weather improvement plant”. of technology.

In order to fulfill its meteorological phenomena monitoring mandate, NCM established a nationwide network of 73 Automatic Weather Stations (AWOS) for weather monitoring, six weather radars covering the whole of the United Arab Emirates and one aerospace station. The Center has also created databases and helped develop high-precision digital weather forecasts and simulation software in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, NCM operates nine Beechcraft King Air C90 aircraft stationed at Al Ain Airport, equipped with the latest technology and devices required for cloud seeding and atmospheric research.

Created in 1996, the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD) is committed to protecting and improving the quality of air, groundwater and the biodiversity of local ecosystems. By partnering with other government entities, the private sector, NGOs and global environmental agencies, EAD adopts international best practices and innovation to put in place effective policy measures. The Agency seeks to raise environmental awareness, facilitate sustainable development and ensure that environmental issues remain a top priority on the UAE’s national agenda.

About the National Meteorological Center

In 2007, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued Federal Legislative Decree No. (6) establishing the National Meteorological Center (NCM). The Center provides atmospheric monitoring, meteorological and seismological research services that cover all of the UAE and also provides relevant regional information. The NCM also regularly exchanges data and information with regional and international organizations, in accordance with the rules and obligations set by the World Meteorological Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization. Also, the Center pursues its mission by supporting public authorities, private organizations and developed infrastructures: in this context, the NCM serves many sectors of the country including aviation, maritime industries, agriculture, manufacturing industry. and the petroleum sector.

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