The NHC reduces the chances of development in the event of a disturbance; brutal heat coming next week | Meteorology


The National Hurricane Center says a disturbance in the southwest Caribbean Sea is unlikely to develop tropically into the next named storm.

Closer to home, the next 7-10 days will be greeted with near record heat with temperatures expected to exceed 100 degrees.

The disturbance is in the Caribbean and is not expected to develop tropically, now given only a 10% chance of developing over the next 5 days, compared to 40% earlier this week.

The system is expected to interact with too much land in the coming days as it drifts north into northern Central America and then into southern Mexico. The system – whatever it is called – will bring rains to areas with a potential risk of flooding to the affected areas.

With the tropics calm for now, our attention will be on a heat wave that will sweep through our region next week and bring potentially record high temperatures to our area.

By the middle of next week, high pressure will build over the southern gulf which will free us from rain or overcast skies. With these conditions there will be brutal heat with temperatures forecast to be above 100 degrees in some areas with heat indices potentially reaching 120 in places.

Heat index warnings are likely next week and those who must be exposed to heat are strongly urged to take appropriate precautions to hydrate and protect themselves.


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