The twins’ meteorologist explains the reason for delaying the opening of the house


As we know, the Twins won’t play on Thursday due to the forecast, but what you probably didn’t know is that the decision is being made by a completely different team.

MINNEAPOLIS — In Twins territory, fans circled April 7, 2022 — Opening Day at Target Field.

As we know, the Twins won’t play Thursday as originally planned due to the forecast, but what you probably didn’t know is that the decision is made by a completely different team – the weather team.

When Major League Baseball decides to play ball in April, the Twins rely on teammates you might not know we had.

“The Twins are really the only team to have weather forecasters on site,” Twins weather forecaster Mace Michaels said. “A lot of teams coordinate with various companies or with TV weathermen just to talk about the weather and donate weather, but the Twins are the only ones I know of who have someone here.”

But why do we Twins strive for a weather team?

“We’re special and the weather in Minnesota is special, as everyone knows,” Michaels said.

The Twins returned to outdoor baseball when Target Field opened its doors a dozen years ago. And as you may recall, that first of April was really nice, with average temperatures in the upper 60s… but overall?

“April is by far the toughest month for all of us,” Michaels said. “There’s almost always some kind of conflict.”

In April 2018, the Twins had to cancel three straight games against the White Sox due to a white out. A three-day snowpacolypse ended up bringing 16 inches to downtown Minneapolis.

While that won’t be the case tomorrow, Michaels says it won’t be exactly ideal weather for baseball.

“It will still be 38 degrees. It will be windy, gusting around 40mph, and spitting rain and snow,” he said.

These are the facts that led to tomorrow’s postponement, and these are the facts that the weather team – consisting of Mace and another meteorologist – had been monitoring for days.

“I’ve been watching it for 15 days; as soon as it hit the models,” Micheals said. “Rain is our immediate concern. If you’re going to have rain or snow, baseball and weather like that just don’t get along.”

Because it’s bad for the players, a disappointment for the fans, and a bust for the sellers, in a case like this, just call it.

Currently, the Twins are scheduled to play the Seattle Mariners on Friday instead.

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