The World Expo Meteorological Technology Conference For Aviation Meteorology – Opens This Week!


This week will see the very first staging of the World Expo for Meteorological Technology for Aviation Meteorology Conference (Wednesday March 24, 2021) – an all-new, free, one-day online conference for aviation meteorologists, airline and airport operators and air navigation services seeking a global overview of the trends and technologies that shape aviation meteorology. Hear from experts from IATA, ICAO, NOAA, SESAR, DLR, WMO, EUMETNET, and more.

Brought to you by the publisher of The world of passenger terminals magazine and organizer of Meteorological Technology World Expo and Passenger Terminal Expo, this exclusive event takes place online on March 24, on an attractive and easy-to-use platform, for attendees to network, share content, host video meetings and discuss important industry developments .

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Dedicated sessions will include: the session of the SESAR Joint Undertaking; Airport operations and observations; Support from the European meteorological network (EUMETNET) to aviation following the impacts of Covid-19; SWIM deployment: Data and simulation for turbulence mitigation; and WMO science for aeronautical applications.

Airport operators in particular shouldn’t miss the morning airport operations and observations session, which will discuss the future of meteorological information for airport operations, value-added camera-based observations and the ICAO GRF and TALPA compliance. We revisit airport operations in the afternoon, where we hear a business case at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on using X-band Doppler radar for aviation weather detection; and listen to a discussion on lightning and severe weather alerts for airport operations.

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) plays a leading role in the development and implementation of new and improved meteorological services for aviation. During the virtual conference, WMO will organize an exclusive scientific session on aeronautical applications. This session includes presentations and a roundtable which, based on international examples of good practice, aims to promote a discussion on how the science-to-services value chain works for aeronautical meteorology and why the collaborations and partnerships that underpin it are so important.

The SESAR Joint Undertaking session opens with an overview of the Single European Sky ATM research program (SESAR) and its weather related activities. Learn about VigiAero and Data and Automation to support the ATM network. Participants will be able to discuss innovative solutions in aeronautical meteorology and MET services for enhanced safety and sustainable aviation.

The European Meteorological Network (EUMETNET) session focuses on supporting aviation following the impacts of Covid-19. EUMETNET experts will highlight its response to the impact of Covid-19 on its observation system and coordinated aviation service. The impact of Covid-19 on EMADDC and the impact of the coronavirus on aviation forecasts will also be discussed.

With speakers from across the industry, attendees can expect an informative program, including Brent King, IATA’s Head of Flight Operations Efficiency, speaking on the Airline Revolution. mitigation of turbulence with data; Sigrun Matthes from DLR discussing MET services for enhanced safety and sustainable aviation; Christopher Peregrine, network manager – responsible for the operations analysis service at Eurocontrol, who participates in one of the many round tables available – Weather Impact Prediction for Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management Services. These are just a few of the 35+ expert presenters and panelists due to share their insights in a week.

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