Thunderstorms and lightning are likely in eight districts from today, according to Imd | Ranchi News

Ranchi: About eight districts of Jharkhand are expected to experience thunderstorms between Tuesday and Wednesday, according to a forecast from the Ranchi office of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday.
Thunderstorms will be accompanied by lightning in Ranchi, East Singhbhum, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Deoghar, Dumka, Godda, Sahebganj and its neighboring areas.
“With warm winds still blowing from western India, Jharkhand will experience lightning activity in the coming days,” said Abhishek Anand, a scientist at IMD, Ranchi.
Isolated rainfall was also forecast in Santhal-Pargana and Kolhan divisions on Tuesday.
On Monday, a high level of humidity in Ranchi added to the discomfort of residents while those in Daltonganj struggled with scorching conditions.
“Since this is the transition phase from the pre-monsoon phase to the monsoon, humidity levels will remain high until June 15 and thereabouts until the monsoon currents ease. install,” Anand said.
Even though the daytime temperature in Ranchi hovered around 39°C, the relative humidity rose to 65%, which caused discomfort. Although clouds covered the Ranchi skyline in the afternoon, they did not bring rain.
IMD, Ranchi said the rise in humidity levels in Ranchi – and in Bokaro and Jamshedpur – was the result of moisture introduced into Jharkhand’s atmosphere by easterly winds, which came from the Bay of Bengal.
In Daltonganj, a heat wave was felt till 2 p.m. as mercury levels hovered around 42°C. Although Daltonganj recorded heat waves, Ramgarh recorded the highest daytime temperature (43° C) Monday.

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