UAE National Meteorological Center advances weather forecasting with new supercomputer built by HPE


UAE gets better weather forecast with faster performance

To meet the ongoing weather forecasting needs for the United Arab Emirates, NCM uses digital weather forecast modeling software, such as the Weather Forecasting and Research Model (WRF) and COSMO (Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling), which rely on models based on the physics and dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans to simulate and predict weather conditions.

With the new Atmosphere supercomputer, which will deliver faster performance than NCM’s existing system, the runtime of simulations run on these models will decrease by up to 200% on WRF and up to 300% on COSMO, which will speed up considerably the weather analysis time. predictions. NCM runs these simulations to generate real-time weather analysis in a number of national and regional services for the United Arab Emirates, including:

  • Aviation safety to guide pilots during take-offs and landings at airports, which is supported by over 100 United Arab Emirates airport weather monitoring stations around the clock that issue forecasts, weather data and warnings such as strong winds, rain and turbulence.
  • Preparing for tropical storms can be predicted by simulating atmospheric activity using models of previous storm events and augmented by applying AI capabilities.

“We are proud to collaborate with the National Meteorological Center (NCM) to build its Atmosphere supercomputer,” said Ahmad Alkhallafi, Managing Director of HPE UAE. “Empowering our partners and customers with the capabilities to accelerate their digital transformation journey and unlock value is at the heart of our mission at HPE. With our latest development with NCM, HPE strengthens its commitment to the UAE and its people by delivering an innovative yet sustainable system that supports NCM with weather forecasts faster than ever. “

“At the National Meteorological Center (NCM), we are committed to providing the UAE with operational weather forecasts to provide real-time forecasts and alerts that keep local governments and citizens informed, and most importantly, help ensure safety . We are also committed to better understanding the climate and its complex models, and to developing innovative technologies that can increase sustainability, ”said His Excellency Dr Abdulla Al Mandous, Managing Director of NCM and President of Regional Association II (Asia ) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). “With Atmosphere, we worked with HPE to design a significantly higher performing supercomputer with targeted modeling, simulation and artificial intelligence capabilities to accelerate weather and climate information and advance global R&D. our country. By hosting this cutting-edge supercomputer, the UAE is now the first country to operate the most powerful liquid-cooled system, based on the HPE Cray EX, for national meteorological centers in the Middle East and Africa. “

Inside Atmosphere, UAE’s Powerful New Weather Forecasting System

The NCM Atmosphere is built and powered by two HPE Cray EX cabinets, which are HPC systems specifically designed to deliver advanced, scalable performance from petaflop to exaflop, with the world’s most energy efficient footprint. Atmosphere will deliver faster performance at a theoretical maximum performance of 2.8 petaflops, while enabling greater energy efficiency with the liquid cooling capabilities of HPE Cray EX.

Additionally, HPE has incorporated the following powerful end-to-end HPC technologies into the design and construction of the NCMS Atmospheric:

NCM’s Atmosphere will go into production by the end of 2021. To learn more about NCM’s research and services, please visit:

About the National Meteorological Center

The National Meteorological Center aims to unite sources of meteorological and seismological information across the UAE, monitor changes in the earth’s atmosphere and crust, and provide weather services. The objective of the center is to merge the source of meteorological and seismic information, monitor the changes that occur in the atmosphere, provide meteorological and seismic engineering services to all sectors in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries in addition to the exchange of data and information. linked to this objective at regional and international level, to keep pace with scientific progress and the implementation of studies and research in the field of the centre’s domain.

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