Udupi: No Congress party in the country, says Sunil Kumar on ‘Bharath Jodo’ yatra


Daijiworld Multimedia Network – Udupi (MS)

Udupi, September 10: Regarding the Congress Bharath Jodo yatra, Energy Minister Sunil Kumar said, “How are those who broke the country going to join it? They have no morals. There is no Congress party in the country. First do the Jodo Congress job (join the Congress).

“In the South, the Jodo Congress is underway. In the north, senior leaders are deserting the party. When the congress yatra ends in the south and reaches the north, the party will be gone. A situation may arise from walking on foot alone. As the yatra passes through Madhya Pradesh, a strange situation might arise. Shorten the walk and save Congress,” he said.

Responding to a question about the investigation by former energy minister DK Shivakumar, Sunil said, “I did not challenge DKS. He only challenged. I did not initiate this discussion. I said I would take up the challenge from DKS. I will specify the type of investigation against DKS in the coming days. When the investigation is conducted at the government level, everyone will know. Wait and watch.

Responding to Narayana Guru Jayanti’s question in Dakshina Kannada, Sunil said, “The government decided six months ago to celebrate the birthdays of great leaders. No celebration should focus solely on Bangalore. Our goal is to make every neighborhood a center. Great leaders should not be limited to one community. Each community must celebrate a Jayanti. Until now, great leaders were limited to a single community. The ideals of these rulers were limited to one system. The government aims to organize programs at the state level in each district.

Asked about the flood situation in Bangalore, Sunil said, “The floods happened due to unexpected rains. Meteorology Department officials said this type of rain occurred after 200 years. If it rains a lot, there will be floods. People are of the opinion that floods should be managed appropriately. We respect the feelings of the public. The state government has not stood idly by. No less than 1,500 electric poles are repaired in 48 hours. All departments worked at a good pace. The floods in Bangalore have drawn national attention. We must all bow to nature. We are aware of the precautions to be taken in the future.

Responding to the visit of the Coastal District Central Study Team for Rain Damage Assessment, the Minister said, “Four teams have studied flood and rain damage in the coastal districts. This is the first time that the study of floods has been done so quickly. The central team arrived quickly at the request of the state government. They are investigating damage to critical infrastructure and crop loss. The teams will report after investigation. More subsidies will be provided by the central government.

Regarding the Janaspandana program in Doddaballapura, he said, “We organize Janaspandana limited to three districts. We’re going to roll it out statewide.


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