Urban Weather and Flood Forecasting Services on Chennai Regional Meteorological Center Maps


Strengthening the weather observation network to ensure more accurate forecasting and providing localized weather data are some of the plans of the Chennai Regional Weather Center (RMC) which commemorates its platinum jubilee this year.

With the increasing demand for various kinds of weather information, RMC, Chennai, turned to urban meteorology and established denser observing networks to provide flood forecasting.

S. Balachandran, deputy general manager of meteorology, RMC, Chennai, said the department was identifying sites to install more weather stations and automatic rain gauges, especially in Chennai. This would help in flood forecasting and disaster management measures.

A denser network would make it easier to monitor temperature and precipitation levels that vary by location and help with more accurate predictions. There are nearly 40 automatic weather stations and 73 automatic rain gauges across the state, he said.

In addition, RMC Chennai also plans to venture into more industry-specific weather data to meet changing demands. The department has come a long way in disseminating meteorological information and improving the efficiency of meteorological modeling, including a statistical ensemble forecasting system.

Launched in 1945, RMC, Chennai has expanded and improved its observation facilities, including Doppler weather radar. Mr Balachandran said that the inclusion of ‘Murasu’, a Tamil name suggested by RMC, Chennnai, in the second list of names for tropical cyclones over the northern Indian Ocean coincided with the jubilee year of platinum.

He recalled that the RMC was created to respond to requests for meteorological information for the Defense services between 1942 and 1945. “We still have records of cyclones over the Bay of Bengal followed since the late 1800s at the RMC , Chennai. While the manual reports are kept, we have also digitized the trajectories and position of the cyclones of the last century and published an electronic atlas, ”he added.


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