Virginia Tech meteorology students and the National Weather Service unite to fill weather station gaps



BLACKSBURG, Virginia. – As technology and interest in weather continues to grow, you can help your local weather authority and the National Weather Service (NWS) by registering your personal weather station.

The coverage of weather stations in our forecast area has increased by 35% in just three years, thanks to the Virginia Tech Mesonet Project.

University students have partnered with the NWS office in Blacksburg to help fill gaps in coverage with weather stations in our area.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Buy or use an existing weather station

Meteorologists can then use your weather data to help our forecast.

“I reached out to people, local governments, who have weather stations who were very excited to share their data with us,” said Brigit Keating, meteorology student at VT. “There are a lot of ordinary people who are very interested in the weather, who love what we do and who want to get involved. “

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As our forecast area passed the 100 weather station threshold in April, more volunteers are still needed.

There are resources from the NWS on how to properly locate and expose your weather station to the elements, so that you get the most accurate temperature and precipitation readings.

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