Warning issued to Karnataka farmers due to heavy rains – The New Indian Express


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BENGALURU: The Agro-meteorology department at the University of Agricultural Sciences has issued a notice to farmers, specifying instructions to avoid further damage to major crops to be harvested this month.

Amid heavy rains, thousands of farmers across Karnataka complained of crop damage. As a result, the advisory suggests that farmers postpone harvesting crops such as finger millet, paddy, maize, groundnuts and pigeon peas. Dr Thimmegowda MN, head of the Agro-meteorology department, said: “It has been reported that finger millet and rice crops have leaned (bending down), while groundnut and maize crops have been leaned over. have started to germinate when they come into contact with soil and water. ”

“In addition, it is not possible for farmers to store their crops properly, as they will start to sprout due to the weather,” he added. The notice also noted that the pigeon pea crop had started to wilt severely. Meanwhile, Dr Thimmegowda said they get around 20 calls a day from farmers seeking advice on their crops. “For now, 10% of the crops are already over-ripened, but we hope to be able to save the remaining 90%. Otherwise, farmers could face a 70-80% loss in yield due to rain, ”he said.

“The harvest could perhaps be delayed for 10 to 15 days… farmers will certainly suffer a loss. But for now, we have asked them to tie up the fallen plants if they have become lodged, ”he said, adding:“ We have also advised them to claim crop loss insurance.

Other crops, such as groundnuts, may also encounter difficulties. However, the notice was given to the crops most at risk due to the harvest. Finger millet, paddy, maize, groundnuts and pigeon peas are crops that are usually harvested around November.


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