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Temperatures will drop overnight thanks to the cold front, with low temperatures ranging from 20 degrees in parts of Nebraska to nearly 40 in Indiana.

Matt Holiner, chief meteorologist for Lee Enterprises Midwest


From a national perspective, it really doesn’t look like a bad day of travel. Much of the country will be dry during the day with only isolated rain and snow showers along the Rocky Mountains, Arizona, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Texas. The evening hours will see scattered showers and storms along the cold front from Michigan to New Mexico, but with no flooding and severe storms forecast, travel delays are not expected to be widespread.

Thusday: There will be a remnant of rain during the morning and early afternoon in Illinois Indiana, but it looks like much of the day will be dry in the Midwest. Thanks to the cold front, Thanksgiving feels like our coldest day of the holiday weekend globally. High temperatures will only be in the 30s in most places. Take into account the gusts of wind which will still be around 25mph and the temperatures felt will struggle to come out of the 20s. The winds will subside after sunset, but it will be a cold night with low temperatures around 20 degrees in a lot of places. If you’re planning to line up for Black Friday, bundle up!

Thursday's weather forecast

Thanksgiving appears to be the coldest day of the holiday weekend, but much of the day will be dry throughout the area.


Friday: While a few isolated showers of rain and snow cannot be ruled out during the day in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana, many will stay dry. A warm front will develop in the region, causing a wide range of temperatures. The way you dress for Black Friday shopping varies widely depending on where you live! Although high temperatures can reach low 60s in western Nebraska, they can get stuck in their 30s in northern Indiana. Unlike today and Thanksgiving, it doesn’t feel like a windy day. Low temperatures will range from a low of 20 to mid-30s on Friday evening.



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