Watch the ice on Saturday as freezing drizzle slides in | Meteorology


ROCKFORD (WREX) – Patches of ice are likely through the second half of Saturday as drizzle sets in. While we will have warmer weather, the air will not go above freezing, resulting in many icy places.

The best area for a light ice glaze is along and south of US 20 and I-90. These areas are highlighted below the winter weather advisory, in effect until midnight tonight. Be very careful when driving and walking, as there may be just enough ice accumulating to create a slippery situation.

WREX 2016.png

Bridges, overpasses, untreated side streets, parking lots and side streets are the most likely places to be covered in ice. Give yourself enough space to stop and between the vehicles around you.

freezing rain setup.png

We get freezing rain and freezing drizzle when the air above us is warm enough to rain. At the surface, however, the air is just below freezing enough for rain to freeze on contact. This creates the slight layer of ice that you have to be careful of, even though the showers themselves aren’t made of ice.

The weather dries out quickly overnight and remains dry for the rest of the weekend. In fact, we may not see wet weather for a while as next week will remain dry. That should help keep the ice off the roads after Saturday.


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