WGRZ meteorologist Heather Waldman of WNY leaves ‘bittersweet’ | Television


“It kind of started from there,” she explained. “Was I 7 years old saying, I’m going to be a meteorologist?” Absolutely not. But the more I read about the weather, the more I became fascinated by it. I grew up watching The Weather Channel for hours.

Without a doubt, she has seen a lot of Western New York on this channel. But she didn’t know much about Buffalo when she turned 25 into her first TV job. She said the station staff had kissed her and let her make her own way, with former weekend anchor and now reporter Ron Plants giving her some of the best advice.

“He was one of the people who took me out of the interpreter and told me to talk and have fun and not to take it too seriously,” she said.

She also received information from Erica Brecher, another Penn State graduate who was a WGRZ reporter before leaving for WIVB-TV. Waldman worked with Brecher’s husband Andrew Baglini at Accu-Weather before coming to WGRZ.

“Erica is a great kind of Buffalo ambassador,” said Waldman. “She told me wonderful things about Buffalo and I trusted her even though I hadn’t seen much of the city. If she had found a good home, I’m sure I could too.

She did it. She learned that the community is welcoming and smart about the weather.

“There are some markets where people don’t care about the weather or don’t have as much of an impact. But people here listen and ask good questions or hold me accountable. “You said it wasn’t raining that day, well, I just got soaked. “”


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