What the Bureau of Meteorology’s Winter Weather Outlook Predicts | Illawarra Mercury




According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the winter is expected to be warmer and wetter than average for Illawarra. The national weather forecaster has released his winter climate outlook and expects maximum and minimum temperatures to be likely above average. Above-average precipitation is also expected from June to August in eastern Australia, but not in the south. Read more: QandA comes to Wollongong and needs people for the public “Our climate drivers are currently neutral, which means we don’t have El Nino or La Nina,” said Dr Lynette Bettio, Bureau climatologist . “Warmer ocean temperatures north of Australia can increase available moisture, increasing precipitation.” We can expect warmer-than-average temperatures… for people living closer to the coast. “This comes as New South Wales experienced its second wettest March on Fall overall, it was the coolest Australia has seen since 2015. For those in the know ‘questioned about the upcoming ski conditions, the Bureau will not provide a seasonal outlook due to the “notoriously capricious” snow season, but they offered some hope on the Read more: “The false information “led to the approval of the Minnamurra mine in much of New South Wales, with overall rainfall 29% above average – making it the wettest summer since 2011- 2012. Daytime temperatures were below average throughout the state, and it was the coolest summer since 11-12. The Bureau’s climate model uses the physics of our atmosphere, oceans, and ice. of the earth’s surface combined with millions of observations from satel lites and on land and sea. As a result, it incorporates the influence of climate change and natural climatic factors – according to their website. Read more: Residents of Illawarra jump to plan their snow vacation We depend on subscription income to support our journalism. If you can, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.




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