Why Phoenix meteorologist Kim Quintero is leaving Arizona family TV channels



Kim Quintero, meteorologist and reporter for Arizona Family Stations, leaves television.

Quintero announced on her social media accounts that she was leaving Channels 3 and 5, where she has worked for nine years. “I have accepted a position as Director of Communications for the Arizona Senate Majority Caucus,” she posted.

His last weekend as a meteorologist will be November 20-21. His last morning as a journalist will be November 26. She will take office in the Senate on November 29.

“Unfortunately, sometimes there comes a time when you start to feel stagnant in your career and the opportunities for growth become limited,” Quintero told The Arizona Republic via email. “It has become very evident to me over the past two years. “

“The pandemic has only exacerbated the policy”

There were other factors as well.

“The industry itself is also changing a bit,” she said. “As with many industries, the pandemic has only exacerbated politics both inside and outside newsrooms across the country.”

Her next job allows her to stay in Arizona and “contribute to our communities in a whole different way, while being able to stay true to my core values,” said Quintero.

It’s not uncommon for prominent media figures to quit their jobs for politics – former Fox 10 presenter Kari Lake makes all kinds of noise as a Republican candidate for governor. But it’s not really routine either. Quintero is not running for office, but it is clearly a political position. President of the Senate Karen Fann announced the hiring of Quintero, along with other positions, in a press release.

“I’ve never been politically active, outside of voting, just because I didn’t want bias to cloud my reporting,” Quintero said. “I have taken my career very seriously with a goal of transparent and credible journalism that fairly represents all demographics.

Why Quintero wanted to get involved in politics

But the past year has changed her perspective, she says.

“As we move towards 2020-2021, I have realized that I am not happy with the direction in which our company and our country is heading,” Quintero said, “and I want to get more involved. to help make a difference. “

Quintero said she would miss the energy of a TV newsroom, but also look forward to “not having to get up before 2 a.m. or be in bed before 7 p.m. five days a week. I have also never had a weekend off, since entering the workforce at the age of 16, I will really take advantage of it.

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