“Yellow” rain alert in Mumbai, IMD predicts heavier showers on Tuesday | Bombay News


The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday issued a “yellow” weather alert, indicating very likely chances of heavy to very heavy rain in isolated parts of the city and suburbs. Intense rain, heavier than Monday, is expected on Tuesday. According to IMD standards, precipitation between 64.5 mm and 115.5 mm in 24 hours is considered “heavy” and between 115.6 mm and 204.4 mm as “very heavy”.

Localized waterlogging could lead to minor disruptions in chronically waterlogged areas of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Rainfall accumulation is expected to be higher in Thane and Palghar districts. The first half of the day is expected to receive more rainfall than the last, with moderate to heavy showers, according to Akshay Deoras, a researcher at the University of Reading, Department of Meteorology.

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Cloudy conditions and moderate to heavy rain returned to Mumbai on Monday after the city was dry and sunny on Sunday. The reason for the change in weather and increased rainfall since Monday is that a dominant offshore trough near the Konkan coast strengthened on July 4, partly in response to an area of ​​low pressure. formed over eastern India, northern Odisha and southern Jharkhand, experts said. “As a result, there is an increase in humidity and subsequently rainfall over Mumbai-MMR,” said Deoras, who tracks the southwest monsoon in India. The intensity of precipitation will then decrease on July 6 and 7, before possibly increasing again between July 8 and 10.

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“Another low pressure area is expected to form over the Bay of Bengal at this time which will have a strong ‘pull’ effect and draw moisture to the Konkan,” said KS Hosalikar, chief of the surface instruments division of IMD in Pune. He also said it would be advisable to check an area’s weather conditions before venturing out.

Inland regions of MMR, including lakes that supply water to Mumbai, will hopefully see heavy rains this week as the Bay of Bengal continues to create successive favorable weather systems, said Abizer Kachwala, an independent meteorologist. .


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